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    MPI PHL 2018-2019 Board Slate

    The MPI PHL Nominating Committee has selected the following individuals, whom we believe to have the skills, dedication and integrity to provide outstanding leadership to our chapter during their term of office. Please be aware that as a member in good standing you have the right to review and challenge the slate of new directors as indicated in the chapter bylaws. If positions remain uncontested, the slate of new directors will be considered approved by a unanimous vote after 30 days. Please congratulate and thank these members for their service.


    The following slate of officers has been elected by the Chapter Board of Directors. They are identified in this communication so members can view the full board proposed for the upcoming term.

    Position Name
    President Christopher Keane CMP
    President Elect Jennie Udell
    Immediate Past President Laila Ea CMP
    Vice President, Membership Linda Jones, CMP, HMCC
    Vice President, Education Caitlin Druding Casey 
    Vice President, Communications  Kristine Golden CMP 
    Vice President, Finance Katie Schultz 
    Director, Special Events  Ashley Hardison 
    Director, Venue Procurement  Allison Bishop 
    Director, Membership Retention Brian Follett 
    Director, Sponsorships OPEN
    Director, Monthly Programs Kathy Baumer CMP
    Director, Leadership Development
    and Volunteer Recruitment
    Nicole Benner CMP
    Director, Marketing Franca Mascia
    Director, Communications OPEN
    Director, Member Recruitment Miriam Rosenbaum
    Director, Education Institute Gail Sullivan CMP,HMCC,CIS


    Please direct any questions to: Cathy Diem – Immediate Past President,
    at 732-742-3198 Cell or via email at

     A copy of the Chapter bylaws can be viewed here