Education Institute 2018

    8:30am - 9:00am
    Registration and Continental Breakfast
    9:00am - 9:15am
    Welcome and Announcements
    9:15am - 10:15am
    Breakfast Keynote
    Hands-on with Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Presenter: James Spellos, Meeting U.
    10:30am - 11:45am
    Morning Concurrent Sessions
    Presenter: Sharon Fisher, Play with a Purpose
    The Language of AV For Beginners
    Presenter: Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE,
    Supercharge Your Career: Build a Superhero Resume
    Presenter: Dawn Rasmussen, CMP, Pathfinder Writing and Career Services
    11:45am - 12:30pm
    Lunch Break
    12:30pm - 1:30pm
    Keynote Address
    Extreme Engagement: How to Create Immersive Experiences for Maximum Impact
    Presenter: Ava Diamond, Ava Diamond International
    1:45pm - 3:00pm
    Afternoon Concurrent Sessions
    Crisis Communications: The Most Important Tweet
    Presenter: Alex Plaxen, Little Bird Told Media
    Achievement Now!
    Presenter: Tyler Enslin, Direct Development Training
    PPT, Videos, and Prezi - Who's Really Listening?
    Presenter: Chris Chambers, MJM Creative
    Closing Session
    30 Ideas in 30 Minutes: A Summary of the Day’s Key Ideas and Take-Aways
    Moderator: Nicole Benner, CMP, Blank Rome LLP

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    2018 MPI PHL Education Institute Keynote Speakers
    Breakfast Keynote:
    VARnival©: Hands-on with Virtual and Augmented Reality James Spellos, Meeting U.
    Step right up. Learn to paint and create in 360 degrees. Ride the virtual rollercoaster. Take your picture with your arms around a 600-ft. building. The buzz about virtual reality and augmented reality is everywhere. You’ve heard about it… but have you experienced it and figured out how to use it for your events and facilities? This is your opportunity to experience firsthand how you can use these tools, and learn from your peers how they see these tools changing their attendee experiences. There will be over 10 experiential opportunities for you to try as part of this session.

    Attendees will:

    1. Identify and distinguish between how VR and AR can impact your events and marketing
    2. Experience the latest virtual and augmented apps
    3. Discuss with your peers how they are using these tools at their meetings and facilities
    About Jim:
    James Spellos is the President of Meeting U., whose mission is to help people become more productive and comfortable with technology. Jim delivers over 150 seminars annually on how to use technology more efficiently. In 2015, Jim was named one of the Meeting Industry’s trendsetters by Meetings Today magazine.

    Lunch Keynote:
    Extreme Engagement: How to Create Immersive Experiences for Maximum Impact Ava Diamond, Ava Diamond International
    In today’s world, you are competing for attention. If your meetings are not generating extreme engagement, it might be time to refresh the way you design your events. Too often, we see the traditional meeting format of keynote, breakout sessions, and then networking events at night. The flow of information during the day is one-way, or two-way at best. The juiciest conversations often happen in the hallways. Today’s participants want more than this--they want to actually participate! They are looking for new ideas to help them solve their problems, and new connections to help them move forward. They want to be engaged, challenged and absolutely convinced that their valuable time is being well spent. In this enlightening and fast-paced session, leadership expert/author Ava Diamond will share creative strategies for delivering high-impact experiences that maximize attendee learning.

    Attend this session and:

    1. Learn how to instruct your speakers to engage people early, increase attendance, and reinforce learning after the event
    2. Move hallway conversations into the meeting room by making sessions irresistibly interactive
    3. Get all of your event's stakeholders excited and solidly behind your program
    About Ava:
    Ava Diamond works with organizations to grow their leaders and their people so their teams can do the best work of their lives. She is committed to creating high-engagement experiences when she speaks at meetings and events.

    2018 MPI PHL Education Institute Concurrent Sessions
    Morning Concurrent Sessions
    Gamification! Sharon Fisher, Play with a Purpose
    Smart planners know that games and activities can involve adults in learning and connecting like no other method can. The exponential growth in on-line games and game meet-ups shows how much we’re into games. Combine that with research that demonstrates the power of games to engage attendees, impact learning and retention, and build teams and community – and you’ve got a rulebook for success. But how do you create games that are relevant, participatory, content-rich, and most of all – they work? Join speaker Sharon Fisher from Play with a Purpose to learn the fundamentals of designing games – that can be played with or without technology and will work for you and your attendees. Prepare to get YOUR game on!

    Attend this session and:

    1. Discover why gamifying meetings is becoming so popular, and how game mechanics work
    2. Understand the key ways to use games, and when to incorporate them
    3. Get tips, tools, and resources to include gaming - both with technology and without - in your meetings
    About Sharon:
    Sharon Fisher is the CEO & Chief IdeaSparker of Play with a Purpose, a company devoted to creating more fun, creative and hands-on events. A passionate advocate of the power of play, Sharon helps her clients come up with fresh, original, creative ways to add more relationship building and experiential learning into their events. With clients like Disney, GSK, Feld Entertainment, Microsoft, Met Life, the Daytona Speedway and even the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission, thinking different and coming up with innovative ideas are a part of daily life. Since she believes the back of napkins is still the best place to get new ideas, she spends lots of time brainstorming while drinking wine. Sharon PROMISES you'll participate, laugh, learn and leave with dozens of fresh ideas from her presentation.

    The Language of AV For Beginners Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE,
    Do lights, sound and projection make you feel uncomfortable or uncertain?  When reading AV quotes, do you feel like you need a translator because they are in a different language?  Does staging an engaging experience enhance your timeline to deliver a clear message?  With a little explanation, vision, and creativity, you can learn a few tricks to involve your audience without increasing your budget.  What is the real difference between and A1 and A2?

    Join Lynne Wellish to:

    1. Identify the three types of equipment needed to craft Audio Visual productions, and how they enhance the event
    2. Determine what key elements are needed for an Audio Visual RFP, as well as how to source and procure vendors
    3. Learn how to read and compare quotes
    4. Evaluate the need for special effects and how they enhance attendee experience

    About Lynne:

    Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE is an award-winning speaker, consultant, trainer and Hospitality Educator. She has a zany style. A graduate of UNLV in Hospitality Management and an adjunct faculty member at Scottsdale Community College in the Hospitality College, Lynne has over 30 years in the industry in a variety of positions. Lynne’s true passion is coaching and mentoring people in our industry.


    Supercharge Your Career: Build a Superhero Resume

    Dawn Rasmussen, CMP, Pathfinder Writing and Career Services

    When was the last time you updated your resume? Do you know all the ins and outs of creating a document that truly underscores what you have to offer to existing and potential employers? This session is all about understanding the career drivers that make you stand out with an eye-catching resume that outlines the VALUE that you bring to the table. Dawn Rasmussen, CMP and certified resume writer, will provide insights on what you need to know to enhance your value proposition within the workplace.

    Attendees will:

    1. Learn how to design an attention-getting resume
    2. Build compelling content that makes someone reading your resume want more
    3. Understand the control points within your resume (and outside of it) that can determine how you customize the document to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for an opportunity
    About Dawn:
    Dawn Rasmussen, a certified résumé writer, is the president of Portland, Ore.-based Pathfinder Writing and Career Services and author of “Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability” which is the first-ever book that provides a complete roadmap on how manage your career. When she isn’t busy working with résumé clients, speaking to conference groups internationally and nationally, writing articles / blogs, or teaching, Dawn is hiking in Oregon’s spectacular outdoors, kayaking, or plotting her next adventure.

    Afternoon Concurrent Sessions
    Crisis Communications: The Most Important Tweet Alex Plaxen, Little Bird Told Media
    An effective Communications Plan includes 3 things; audit your vulnerabilities, train your spokespeople, and establish means of communicating. You'll learn how to use social media when it really matters. Effective crisis communications requires advance work in order to minimize damage. Create a Communications Plan for your event and make critical decisions for your organization. Be prepared!

    Join Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media to:

    1. Discover the results of a poorly developed, poorly executed, or non-existent plan
    2. Understand the basic principles of creating a Crisis Communications plan and effective emergency management
    3. Learn best practices for internal and external communications during a crisis
    About Alex:
    Alex Plaxen, President and Founder of Little Bird Told Media, has been recognized as an industry influencer and emerging leader in social media strategy for conferences and trade shows. He most recently sat on the MPI Potomac Chapter’s Board of Directors and has been named to Connect Association’s 40 under 40 in 2017 and PCMA’s 20 in their Twenties in 2016. He also co-hosts and live tweets #EventIcons, a weekly events industry podcast and live broadcast.

    Achievement Now! Tyler Enslin, Direct Development Training
    Goal setting and Time Management training has been around for decades. However, the 21st century calls for new techniques to keep up with modern development. Join Tyler Enslin of Direct Development Training to learn how to achieve success in every aspect of your life and your meetings. Professional development, managing your attitude, and strategically setting yourself and your meetings apart are all part of this dynamic training.

    Attendees will:

    1. Determine what is really most important, and discover the steps to achieve it
    2. Define what a goal truly is as well as creative ways to instantly move closer to those meeting and event goals
    3. Learn the two practices that will have the greatest impact on your life and your events
    4. Break out of the "business as usual" approach and comfort zones
    5. Build habits for high achievement
    About Tyler:
    Tyler Enslin is the National Director of Direct Development Training, a company dedicated to providing tailor-made training to help businesses thrive like never before. With over 200 speaking engagements a year for a multitude of industries, Tyler has received outstanding recognition by those in his audience, which has enabled him to work with State & National agencies across the country. From Fortune 500 companies and large organizations like GlaxoSmithKline, Siemens, Johns Hopkins University, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Long & Foster, to hundreds of smaller groups and associations, Tyler rarely passes on an opportunity to get his message across.

    PPT, Videos, and Prezi - Who's Really Listening? Chris Chambers, MJM Creative
    General McChrystal terms the mis-use and over-use of the1987 software as “Death by PowerPoint." But it’s not the flaws of this harmless software that are the issue. It’s about the fundamentals of content delivery. How do we learn? How do we take in information? What makes that information stick? Chris Chambers discusses the alternatives to traditional content delivery methods such as PPT, videos and the ever dreaded panel discussion (which is really just a lecture in disguise). Using samples of the good, bad and ugly, we contrast the unique and successful content delivery methods with the ones that are not so successful. After reviewing the simple steps involved in determining the best way to develop ideas and deliver content to large meetings, attendees will also explore the key drivers of successful general sessions that often connect directly to content delivery.

    Attendees will:

    1. Discover alternatives offered for PowerPoint presentations
    2. Learn how to use content in innovative ways for audiences
    3. Explore ways to engage audiences with immersive content
    About Chris and MJM:
    MJM Creative is a communications agency within WPP, the world's largest communications services group. More than a production company, more than a communications agency and more than a strategic consultant, MJM creates and produces corporate experiences that begin before the meeting...and quite possibly never end.

    Closing Session
    30 Ideas in 30 Minutes Moderator: Nicole Benner, CMP, Blank Rome LLP
    What did you learn today? Were two concurrent topics of interest to you, but you didn’t have a time machine and had to choose just one? In this 30 minute session, Education Institute attendees (including YOU) will share the knowledge gleaned from the day’s presenters, contributing what they felt were the most important take-aways from each breakout and keynote. Your thoughts, ideas, and conclusions from the day’s sessions will be listed in a document in real time that will then be shared with all MPI PHL Members. 

    Attendees will:

    1. Hear key concepts from missed concurrent sessions
    2. Share their take-aways with their colleagues
    3. Discover new ideas they may have missed


    Be prepared to share your thoughts and expertise with your fellow meeting professionals!

    About Nicole:
    Nicole Benner is a corporate meeting planner with over 15 years of marketing and event management experience for professional services firms and non-profit associations. In her career, Nicole has planned and executed educational seminars, hybrid meetings, webinars, networking dinners and cocktail parties, golf outings, awards ceremonies, and more. She currently works with directly with leadership, partners, associates, and professionals throughout Blank Rome LLP, an AM Law 100 firm, to plan business development networking functions and educational seminars.