Refer a Friend

    Help a colleague, friend or young professional experience the benefits of MPI Membership. Give the Refer a Friend voucher to a fellow meeting and event professional which allows him/her to receive a $50 discount on new membership.

    Every time you recruit a new full-paying supplier or planner member to MPI, you’ll receive a $25 USD, CAD or a €25 credit toward your membership renewal. To receive your referral credit, write your member ID number and name in the “Referred By” section. The new member can join online, by phone, or by mail using your name. It’s that easy!

    Rules for the program:

    1. This opportunity is open to active Planner and Supplier members only.
    2. Referral credits will only be granted if the current member’s information is provided at the time of application.
    3. MPI Global will not refund credit to a new member or current member under any circumstance.
    4. MPI Global reserves the right to change the dates of this program.
    5. A new planner or supplier member will be officially credited to the recruiter when new membership has become active by paying for a full planner or supplier membership rate.
    6. Referral credits may not be combined with other discounts offered.
    7. MP Global makes no cash payments or refunds as part of this program.
    8. To receive referral credit, your name or ID number must appear in the "Referred By" section of the online or paper application at time of new membership is processed.
    9. If a new member calls the MPI Member Services team to become new member, they must mention the member that recruited them at that time.
    10. For every new planner or supplier member processed, the recruiter will receive $25 USD, CAD or a €25 credit towards their membership renewal.
    11. There is no limit to the number of members you can recruit. If you accrue more credits than the cost of your membership, the credits will roll over to credit the following year’s membership. A refund will not be issued.
    12. New student or faculty memberships are not eligible for this program – only planner or supplier memberships qualify.
    13. MPI Global has the right to rescind referral credits if the new member cancels his/her membership within the first six months.
    14. If you have any questions, please contact the Members Engagement Team at +1 972-702-3053 or via e-mail.

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