Education Institute: Social Media Trends for 2017

    by Alex Plaxen, President and Founder of Little Bird Told Media

    In 2017 the amount of global active mobile social users is expected to surpass 2 billion. Social media usage isn’t a fad. It has continued to trend upward in every age group since 2008. So why aren’t we using this tool to our advantage? Let’s take a look at three social media trends you need to start considering a valuable part of your strategic event design.


    Real Time Engagement


    Real time engagement is integral to successful customer service. A recent study by Genesys suggests that over 60% of people expect social media responses within 6 hours of a post. When over 25% of businesses rank social media as the most effective channel for customer retention it’s important to take note of how a slow response time, or no response at all, could effect whether an attendee comes back to your event the following year.


    70% of customer service complaints made on Twitter go unanswered. For many consumers, social media is the new help desk. You wouldn’t leave your help desk unstaffed, so why would you leave your virtual help desk unstaffed?


    Live Streaming Video


    It’s time to embrace live streaming. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Not only is video an easily digestible form of media, but social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are throwing all their money behind it, with good reason. Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion.


    Facebook spent over $16.4 million dollars in 2016 on ads promoting Facebook Live. Every social platform is fighting for market share of live video. In 2017 you can expect both LinkedIn and YouTube to jump on the live stream bandwagon. Don’t stand on the sidelines watching the bandwagon drive by.


    Mobile First


    In 2017 people will be using their mobile devices to search the internet more than they use their computers. The top emerging devices used to search the internet are smart watches and smart wristbands, both considered mobile devices. Since December 2013 share of time spent on social media on desktop or laptops has dropped from 33% to 21% in December 2015, while time spent on social media smartphone apps has increased from 53% to 61%. Take a look at your attendees and you’ll see that fewer attendees are bringing their laptops to events and more attendees can be found on their mobile device. When considering which social media platforms to invest your resources in, it’s important to think about which platforms are the most mobile friendly.



    In summary, it’s time to start thinking strategically about your social media strategy while developing your event design. Consider the trends of real time engagement, live streaming video, and mobile first, when developing your strategy and you’ll begin to see positive results. 

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