2017 Education Institute: 30 Ideas in 30 Minutes

    Meetings Industry Forecast: What’s Next?
    1. Meetings industry is larger than the auto industry
    2. $185 million loss of travel revenue due to Travel Ban

    How To WINE Friends and Influence People
    3. 7 S’s of wine tasting: Spot, Sniff, Smell, Swirl, Sip, Slurp, Savor
    4. Wine Geek – Navigating the wine list: if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t get the second most expensive wine (usually overpriced)
    5. Ask the wine steward/ manager/ sommelier to ask them what they recommend. Ask about their secret stash
    6. Always look at the label when you get a bottle of wine
    7. Screw tops are easier than cork
    8. Go for less popular types of grapes; the more popular the appellation, the more expensive the mark-up
    9. The wine ratings/ points are a good place to start, but don’t rely on them
    10. you can pair wine with hot dogs: Riesling and wines from Germany

    Beyond Hashtags: Social Media
    11. Live streaming video; instead of streaming the entire session, think about interviewing speakers/ sponsors in 3-5 minute clips
    12. Use of video tools for video production – apps: Ripl and Animoto; Ripl is free, Animoto costs a little
    13. Have a social media wall; use Walrus
    14. #mpiphlHELP as a way for Members to tweet or Facebook the Chapter with questions and needs for our team to respond quickly
    15. Have a social media strategy: help, fun, #(event tag) solo to match up people traveling alone
    16. Have a dedicated monitor for your social media tag… it means nothing if you can’t reply quickly
    17. Research your hashtag before you come up with one!! Gives the impression you aren’t paying attention or supporting things you may not want to be associated with
    18. Rise of social media usage: older generations are using social media as much as younger generations 10 years ago – no group is too old to use social media

    An Integrated Approach to Event Marketing
    19. Don’t create an event page from Facebook, create your own page for your event so it’s constant and always up. Create your own hashtag and make it reusable
    20. People spend about 1:15 minutes daily on Facebook watching videos (if you’re planning on incorporating videos on YouTube on Facebook)
    21. People buy products 80% based on emotion and only 20% based on rationality

    Visioneering the Meeting Room of the Future
    22. has a bandwidth calculator to determine wifi needs
    23. Room setup in Visioneering was inspiring – couches, hightops, and conversation groups; power plugs in the chairs – exciting!
    24. Consider using holograms or overhead projections on your dinner table in between courses (Skullmapping)
    25. As a venue, make sure you notify your planners about your broadband capabilities at the start to address questions before they come up
    26. Butler your desserts to facilitate networking and socializing
    27. People are learning differently now; with different generations in the same meeting, consider interactive room sets. You can’t keep doing the same meeting over and over again
    28. Using unique venues; get out of the meeting room (go outside) helps attendees feel more engaged

    What Keeps You Up At Night Worrying About Potential Risks at Your Meetings?
    29. List of things you need to protect: force majeure, food service, and security (both financial and non-financial risks)
    30. Whether you’re a supplier or planner, have conversations before things happen, make sure everything is included in your contract, and as soon as “something” happens, talk right away and make sure everything is in writing
    31. Have a personal plan for when you travel: finances, social networking, etc for those who volunteer with organizations, create an emergency contingency plan for your chapter.
    32. Share emergency contact info and make sure ICE information is accessible from your lock screen
    33. You have to be politically and culturally aware of the situation both where you’re hosting your event and where your attendees are traveling from to know if these things will affect your meeting
    34. Make sure your contract is solid and can be explained. You should include a Release Waiver, encourage Planners to meet with Security to develop a plan
    35. Be aware of EVERYTHING that’s going on around you (find the arrow on the FedEx envelope)!!!; Be a renaissance person – know a little bit about politics, sports, etc. – this will help you be accessible to your attendees

    36. Volunteering is a good time!!!

    Thank you to the Education Institute attendees for helping us create this list. Hope to see you at the 2018 Education Institute!

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