Service is the Number One Differentiator

    by Lou Marrocco, CMP, SEPC

    Director of the Conference Center, Chemical Heritage Foundation

    President, BrandyWine Events


    I believe service to be the most important in the “golden three” (service, product & value.)

    There was a conversation recently on the marketability of a service training program and the thought was that it would be hard to sell “service training,” because it was not on the list of “monetary resources.” I totally disagree. 

    I know that I came up in a different time. When I am sourcing a venue for a client, patronizing a restaurant, or even in while I’m in a grocery store, I take notice. I notice when the cashier is having conversations with their fellow employees and cannot take the time to say hello, even when it costs over $100.00 for three bags of groceries! I notice when the wait staff area is full of socializing employees, and therefore I must ask the hostess for more water at my table. All too often companies forget what makes the difference, especially when there is rapid growth. 

    I believe that it takes a commitment from the top down and those successful companies invest the time and resources to maintain the level of service they proclaim. When I surveyed my connections on LinkedIn, I was relieved to see that most of them agreed with me.

    Service is, and always will be, the most important differentiator in product value and must be continually emphasized.

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