Tell Your #MPIPHLStory: Job Satisfaction

    By Michele Albert, CMP - University of the Sciences

    I am sure the majority of us are dealing with back to school issues, some of you have children who are heading off for their very first day of school, while some of you are dropping your kids off to a college campus.   Late August, early September for me, as a meeting planner on a college campus, is an incredibly busy time, one filled with hope, new beginnings, and excitement about the future.

    Freshman move in day is, hands down, my favorite day on campus.  I love the wonder, excitement, and possibilities that await our students.  It is a day that starts early and ends quite late.  Arriving on campus before dawn, I ensure that our traffic flow and public safety officers are set, informed, and ready for action.  My team and I move on to the catering department to check that coffee is brewing and we have plenty of carbs and sugar so parents and students are able to power through the unloading, lugging, and unpacking of clothes, supplies, and the talismans needed to navigate the first year of college.   Next, we swing by and greet all of the upper class students who have volunteered their time to welcome and assist the incoming class.

    Finally, it is time to check that the room sets are ready for the army of volunteers and, more importantly, our freshman and their guests.  As we head outside to greet families who are arriving, the sun is just barely peeking over the horizon.  The day culminates with games and activities in the dorms as well as our athletic recreation center.  By the time I leave campus, well after the sun has set, I am tired and yet strangely exhilarated at the same time.

    I doubt anyone who works in this field will tell you it is an easy job, it is certainly not a profession for the faint of heart, but it is, for me, one I truly enjoy. Event days are stressful, and hectic, and you answer a million questions, you fix dozens of problems, all before anyone else knows that a problem even existed. And you do it all quietly, behind the scenes, to ensure the best possible outcome for all of your constituents.

    I would love to hear about your favorite event or favorite aspect of your job. I would love to know what motivates, fulfils, and satisfies you.  We could all spend days trading horror stories. I would rather spend time learning and celebrating the successes – MPI PHL is a formidable group of people.  Everyone single member has been welcoming and has extended offers of support and assistance to me, for which I am grateful.  Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves why we chose this profession and why, in spite of the challenges and stress, we choose to keep going.  I would love to hear from you!




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    1. Annie

      Sep. 16, 2017

      Thank you for your up lifting story of your favorite day at work. It has giving me something to think about as I truck off to my weekend job that I have had for 27 years. I will do my best to think of all the positive things I get to do, like me some ones favorite donut, the smiling happy face of a kid who gets to have a free cookie, or the thankful mom who just nerds one more pack of power ranger cupcakes for the extra kids their son invited last minute to his birthday party. Some people say you only work at a Supermarket. Yes, but I get to affect people's lives positively all of the time. Keep rocking and stay as awesome as you are. Have a great day..


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