WEC 2018

    By Michele Albert, CMP


    I have now attended two MPI World Education Congress events; my first was Atlantic City in 2016 and the event this past June in Las Vegas.  Two vastly different experiences in two very different casino towns.   It was my experience in Atlantic City that prompted me sign up for the event in Las Vegas. Well, that and I needed credits to recertify for my CMP!

    Atlantic City was close, I was able to hop in my car and drive down in less than two hours. It is a city I am familiar with and MPI PHL had a large contingent of members attending.  I saw many familiar faces and enjoyed meeting so many new people.   As the only meeting planner on the USciences campus at the time, the aspect I was most interested in was the education sessions.   I did get some valuable information, but the interactions I had with folks while waiting for the sessions to start were actually more valuable and more educational.   I felt like I was finally in a place where everyone was speaking my language, I learned more and made deeper connections in those few short minutes before the presentations started than I did at any of the social events.

    My expectations for the Las Vegas convention were high. Their preview luncheon in AC was over the top, the menu, the décor, the entertainment…all first class and exceptionally well done.   There were some amazing education sessions. In particular, the session by Alan Schaefer, CEO and Founder of Banding People Together was information, inspirational, and FUN. That being said, my overall experience in Las Vegas was one of disappointment.  I expected more….and those expectations, for the most part, were not met.

    Even after my experiences in Las Vegas, I decided to sign up for WEC 2018.  Here’s why – my philosophy is you can ALWAYS learn something, from every session, every interaction, and while on the whole I felt let down by the Vegas event, I did have some very stellar experiences and forged connections with some amazing people.

    I have decided to be proactive for WEC 2018! To that end, I have shared the call for speakers/proposals with several colleagues who I think would benefit my fellow MPI members.  I urge all of you to do the same, let’s make WEC 2018 in INDY the convention folks talk about for years to come.   This is our convention, this is our industry, and it is up to us to do our part in making this an event that exceeds our expectations!

    The link for proposals is below:

    Share this with your colleagues and experts in the hospitality field that you know.  MPI is looking for inside the industry experts AND outside the industry that “brings valuable knowledge into our world and makes it relevant for meeting and event professionals.” 

    See you in INDY!

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