By Michele Albert, CMP - USciences


    I have been seeing more and more “30 Days of Thankful” posts from friends and colleagues on social media this year. Each day you are supposed to post about why you are thankful. I think it is a lovely idea, one I may adopt for next year, but it also got me thinking. How do we express our thanks, day in, day out, to our staff, our clients, our vendors?

    Personally, after large scale events, I send hand written thank you notes to the stakeholders who were involved with making the day/event successful. In addition, I write emails to their superiors to let them know just how grateful I am for the help and support of their employees. How valuable their assistance was, not just to me, but to the overall success of the event.

    I know I am always thrilled to be on the receiving end of a positive note about one of my employees. It gives me an opportunity to express my appreciation to the person who wrote the note, creating good will for future partnerships. More importantly, it affords me the luxury of catching my folks going above and beyond. I get to publically acknowledge their positive impact and reinforce that exceeding expectations is something worth rewarding.

    Our department, University Events is part of the Institutional Advancement (IA) division of USciences. The main focus of the IA division is cultivation and solicitation, we are after all, comprised largely of fundraising staff.

    The overall motto of IA is simple – you can never thank a donor too much. Partly because of this mindset, I think my department is better than most about thanking folks. Events, at their core, are partnerships – vendors, staff, attendees, speakers – we all have a common goal and we all play our part in achieving, and hopefully exceeding, that goal.

    The end of the calendar year is fast approaching. A time, traditionally, that people make a point of expressing appreciation. I have already begun planning the notes and gifts I will be sending out, but maybe for 2018, I need to consider a different approach. Certainly something to think about.

    How do you show thankfulness and gratitude? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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